The most common misconception about estate planning is that it is simply a way to pass assets on to heirs after death. A successful estate plan needs to be comprehensive and well-designed and will include asset protection, planning for long-term care and incapacity, tax planning and the plan to pass your assets on to your heirs.

To accomplish your estate planning goals, we need to learn about your particular situation and draft a specific plan for you. This is your estate plan and needs to be created by an attorney who focuses on estate planning and wealth preservation. As experienced Michigan estate planning attorneys, we go well beyond traditional approaches. We use the most advanced legal techniques available to help you take full advantage of recent changes in the law and better prepare for the life changes that will impact you and your family.

Our experience and mastery of the law in this area also means that even if you already have an estate plan, chances are we can make it significantly better. And if you haven’t had your plan reviewed for several years, you should. An outdated or inadequate plan is often worse than no plan at all.

A successful estate plan will make it easier to manage your financial and legal affairs in case of incapacitation and upon your death. In some cases estate planning can help minimize taxes. There are many tools used in the process of estate planning, including:
• Revocable Living Trusts
• Irrevocable Trusts
• Charitable Trusts
• Probate Avoidance Tools
• Tax Planning Tools
• Financial Power of Attorney
• Health Care Power of Attorney
• Living Wills
• HIPAA Release
• Last Will and Testament
• Lifetime Gifting
• Joint Ownership
• Beneficiary Designations
• Life Estates

Making all the necessary arrangements for an appropriate estate plan can seem overwhelming. We begin by learning about you and your family and help you identify your estate planning goals. We can then help you create and implement a custom designed estate plan that will meet your goals and bring you peace of mind. We have guided thousands of families through the estate planning process which has provided them with asset protection for their heirs, probate avoidance, asset protection from medical costs and the elimination of estate taxes.

Casterline Law has provided estate planning solution for families with a myriad of special issues, including for example, special needs children; children with alcohol or substance abuse problems; family business succession; and children in troubled marriages or debt trouble. We will help you with your unique issues and craft a plan that achieves your goals.

Choosing an experienced, compassionate, and trustworthy lawyer who will work with you to accomplish the goals you have for your family is the first step toward crafting a successful estate plan. Let us be your guide through this important planning that will preserve your family’s future. We invite you to contact us.

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Care Issues:
Have you ever asked yourself these questions? When is it appropriate to get involved with my loved one’s care? How do I find good care for them? How will we pay for the cost of that care? At what point do we need to consider a move for our loved one to a more secure environment for that care? Are there any government or community resources that may help pay for that care? I can help answer all of these questions.