Wills are an extremely common part of an estate plan. They are an extremely effective way to ensure that your assets are divided up as you want when you pass. You can use them to leave your property to people or charities and other organisations. You can also name a guardian to take care of your children, as well as specify a person to manage assets that you leave to your young children, and additionally you can name a representative who ensures that your will is carried out.

Here at Casterline Law, we are highly proficient at estate planning. Even though you can make a will yourself or even if you have one already, we may be able to help improve it. It’s imperative that your estate plan is as watertight and up-to-date as possible, otherwise you risk your assets not being distributed as you intend them to be.

We can personally guide you through crafting a will, to ensure that your final wishes are carried out to the lette