Compassion and Experience When You Need It Most

Losing a family member is always stressful, never easy, and the emotional loss can consume your life. Even while you are coping with your grief, there are many important legal decisions must be executed within a specific time frame. The experienced and compassionate attorneys at Casterline Law Offices can ease the burden of grieving families by guiding you through the potentially complex Michigan probate and estate administration process.
If you have recently lost a loved one, follow this link to find out “What to Do When Someone Dies”.

Guardianship or Conservatorship Appointment:
What if your loved one never appointed someone to act on his or her behalf in case of disability? Who will take care of critical health care decisions, including where is the safest place for your loved one to live? Who will take care of ensuring that your loved one’s finances are used to take care of them? If a power of attorney was never executed or its validity is questioned, a guardianship or conservatorship appointment may become necessary. I help you through this often emotional process and can help to ensure the physical and financial safety of your loved one.