Here at Casterline Law Offices, we prefer to deliver a human element to our clients, particularly in times of grieving. We understand that losing a loved one can be stressful and consuming. However, even whilst you are still reeling from the loss, there are matters to be taken care of.

We can guide you through often complex probate and estate administration process. When a loved one passes, your first instinct is not going to be to sort out their estate affairs. That’s why we at Casterline Law Offices are here. Our compassion and skill can help guide you through an extremely stressful time in your life. Sorting out the decedent’s estates is an often complex affair, particularly concerning the probate process in Michigan. We aim to help you through that as much as possible, so you can focus on healing rather than dealing with legal affairs.

The probate process in Michigan can be complex and confusing, this is made significantly worse by the loss of a loved one. We’re here to help. We can ensure that you aren’t left alone to deal with decedent’s estates as they are distributed. We can lift some of that weight off your shoulders and help you to deal with the intricacies of the legal process.