Any real estate matter has the potential of being complicated by disputes and legal mistakes. It is the job of an experienced real estate lawyer to make sure your real estate deal goes smoothly.

Modern real estate transactions require a keen understanding of the changing face of real estate, and the ability to find solutions that ensure a successful transaction. At Casterline Law we have the experience required to represent the interests of both buyers and sellers of real property and any related real estate litigation.

Michigan Real Estate Law Attorneys

Casterline Law knows the important issues facing the local real estate market. From lakefront property, to condominiums, farmland and residential housing, we know what is important to property owners. Our firm represents both large corporations and private residential homeowners in transactions and litigation related to:

• Commercial and residential purchases and sales
• Farm land
• Like-kind/1031 exchanges
• Marketability of title and closing issues
• Tenancy in common (TIC) structuring
• Property line disputes
• Option and right of first refusal agreements
• Property tax appeals
• Real estate acquisition and construction lending

We will provide you with the comprehensive legal counsel no matter the size and complexity of your real estate transaction.

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Casterline Law believes in taking the time to determine our clients’ objectives and working with both buyer, seller, mortgage company and title company to create a streamlined transaction where everyone can state that it was a “Win, Win” transaction.

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