For our great war period veterans, there is a special program to aid veterans or their spouses or widows. This program is known as the Improved Pension Benefit. With appropriate care and planning, veterans, their spouses, or their widows, may be able to receive pension money as well as other assistance. All of this, whilst preserving your assets.

At Casterline Law Offices, we have been assisting veterans for over a decade. We have managed to help thousands of families to qualify for the VA benefits, without failing once. We take pride is always taking the utmost care with VA planning. As such, we like to be the first to know about any changes to the VA policies or the application process. We take great care ensuring that we adhere to the VA rules, so whilst still following VA rules, we employ Tax Minimization Planning and Special VA Trusts to help our clients qualify for VA benefits.

If a veteran or spouse has a medical condition that causes them to struggle with their day-to-day lives and meets the income requirements, then they are eligible to receive the VA’s Improved Pension. The Improved Pension ranges from $1,100 to $2,200, which can help to cover the expenses of nursing care, home care, or assisted living.

One important thing to consider with VA benefit planning is that it can drastically impact your ability to qualify for Medicaid. As such, if you’re dealing with VA benefits, you’re also dealing with Medicaid. It is imperative that you choose an attorney with specialization in Medicaid whenever you are doing VA planning. Here at Casterline Law Offices, we offer expertise and experience in dealing with VA planning, which can save you time and money. You should get in contact immediately, and we can schedule a consultation and take a look at your VA Benefits. Contact us today, it could save you time and money.